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Who We Are

With the creation of the Bob Brett Tennis Centre, internationally respected tennis coach Bob Brett brings his experience and vision to the service of young players committed to their tennis development.

The Centre is located in San Remo, Italy, renowned for its beautiful natural setting and mild climate. With cultural attractions and international airports within close driving distance, the Centre is a vantage point from which to explore the vibrant culture and history of the Italian Riviera.


My Mission

Bob Brett Tennis is a training Centre devoted to identifying young talent and delivering comprehensive, highly personalized coaching to players committed to their tennis development.

Built on my vision the Bob Brett School of Tennis is to offer a unique support system and a secure, comfortable environment. Players shall have the opportunity to enhance their physical, technical, tactical skills they will need to achieve their goals and more.


Meet Bob Brett

Hello, and welcome to Bob Brett Tennis. Being actively involved in the international tennis circuit for many years, I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of working with some of the best tennis talent and aspiring individuals in the world, both female and male. Throughout my career I’ve always taken pride in being a teacher, and I’m eager to share my passion for tennis with players who are willing to challenge themselves and test their limits. In the end, it’s all about connecting with people.

Individual attention is so critically important to all young players. By evolving with each player, consistently and over the long term, we can make a difference and stay at the top of the game. Wellness is the foundation and peak performance is our goal; with hard work, results will follow. While good results are always rewarding, I believe that qualitative improvement is the ultimate measure of success.

My staff and I are committed to teaching you not only technique and strategy, but to helping you gain the mental and physical strength you need to develop a full range in your game and handle the responsibilities of a promising career.

Come in for a visit, I look forward to meeting you.

Bob Brett


Riccardo Facciolo

Riccardo Facciolo

Fitness Coach

Russell Cornell

Russell Cornell

A qualified Level 2 coach and a registered member of TCAV and TPAA.

Adriano Parodi

Adriano Parodi

Professional coach with over 16 years experience. Working with Bob from 2014 to coach up to pro players. Prior to this (2010 to 2014) Adriano has been working as a Tennis Coach and manager at D.L.F. Savona Italy with responsibility for the tennis school and all other organisational activities. Also, Adriano has been working in Tennis industry as a Coach as follows.

  • Tennis School's Coordinator - Coach Leonardo Caperchi's Team - C.O.N.I.Federal Center
  • National Tennis Coach and Tennis School Manager - Tennis club Biancorosso Carcare - Carcare (SV) Italy
  • Tennis Coach - Bob Brett Tennis Academy - Sanremo, Imperia
  • Tennis School Director - T.C.Parival Rixensart, Belgium
  • Federal coach by Italian Tennis Federation, Roma - 2013
  • Cardio Tennis Instructor by Van Der Meer Tennis - 2008
  • Professional A/2 by Van Der Meer Academy, Merano - 2004
  • Diploma Technican of Tourism Services I.P.S.S.A.R. Finale Ligure, Savona - 2000

Massimiliano Conti

Massimiliano Conti

Massimiliano Conti born in Sanremo on the Italian 23-05-1974 B2, national tennis master better rankings, accountant, I trained at tennis club the Pleiades with the coach Riccardo piatti and with world-class players like Omar camporese, Renzo furlan, cristiano caratti etc etc, I have worked with sabina simmonds ex 22 wta and Leonardo lids and stewpots. By coach I had 5 boys and girls in national under 12/14/16 Fabio fognini, Martina reggi, Alice reggi, Martina oliveira, fulvia fognini, including one of these 13atp ranking, which I trained Fabio Fognini from 9 to 15 years, I then made from the same coach Fabio Fognini in tournaments: Rome Rome atp challenger San Remo and roland garros Paris slam tournament I coached for a season 800atp number 300atp and Alessandro Gianluca luisi mager current, other guys like Bader Alessandro amoretti Luca second category, I worked 20 years only to amateurs 3 final four under national tennis 12/14/16 abie getting with girls plus some national and international titles in singles and doubles.


Main Services

Enrollment: All players are welcome, each player is able to benefit from Bob Brett’s individual attention on a weekly basis. Bob plays an active role in every aspect of the Centre, and players have the opportunity to meet with him regularly to discuss, analyse and make changes in their strategic development.

Individually designed program: Following a personal evaluation process with Bob Brett, an individual program is designed for each player in consultation with the assigned coach, the player and his or her parents. Bob Brett’s training methodology identifies, integrates and sequences the technical, tactical, physical, psychological, nutritional and environmental aspects of tennis training and performance.

Player Physical Development

Player Physical Development: Player physical development is a very important part of the game of tennis. Our coaching program is built with integration of strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. Players will be able to learn to absorb these skills with patience.

Players come to us frequently to have the experience of identifying new areas of development of their game. Whether it’s long term coaching or short term skill boost, they have the opportunity to explore more possibilities and enhance their capabilities and go back and work with their coaches for continuous improvement of tennis skills to become the better players they want to be.

Coach Mentoring

Coach Mentoring: We believe, as Tennis Coaches, to have a structured approach to every coaching program for player development. We would like coaches from across the world to join us to have that fundamental knowledge and the skills to be able to coach the future generations of Tennis players with a Vision based coaching pathway.

In Bob Brett School of Tennis we follow a vision based coaching pathway to develop players. Vision based coaching pathway includes two major areas for player development.

  1. The supporting team: Supporting team includes…
    • Player’s parents or guardians
    • Players coaching team
    • Bob Brett and Coaching team
  2. Structured coaching program: With a structured approach players will be enabled with following skills…
    • Defending against their opponent
    • Neutralising their opponent
    • Transition and finishing skills

Our Coach Mentoring program enables coaches to learn the fundamental skills of developing a Vision based structured approach to player development and to be able to execute this program to sustain the development of players with Precision, Consistency and Effectiveness.

Location and Facilities

BBT Actions



Applicants, together with their parent or guardian, should contact the Centre to arrange a visit of the facilities and schedule an admissions interview. Bob Brett will meet with each applicant to evaluate his or her level of play and determine readiness. Following the interview, a decision to admit will be based on the overall profile of the enrolled participants and the number of vacancies available.

Accepted candidates will receive written notification by post, along with an enrollment form and a detailed explanation of programme procedures. Early application is strongly encouraged, as application reviews and decisions are made on a rolling basis. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding different aspects of the programme.


The Centre will assist participants with accommodation as needed. An attempt will be made for full-time participants, if requested, to be placed with private families. Shared apartments with other players may also be arranged. Players over 18 and those participating in week-long focus programs may be housed in a wide range of accommodation. The Bob Brett Tennis Centre is convenient and is rated 3-star standard. Please inquire about these and other possible accommodations that may be available.


If notification is given at least 48 hours in advance of arrival or departure, all attempts will be made to provide transportation to or from Nice international airport.


Contact Info

Bob Brett School of Tennis

Strada Solaro,111

San Remo, Italy

+39 0184 665 156

Monday – Friday: 08.00-20.00
Saturday: 09.00-15.00
Sunday: closed

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