Many parents wonder about the tennis future of their children at the age between 12 and 14. The issues are quite sensitive with the child’s ability, improvement, coaching both on and off the court and the overall costs.
One parent walked near me and spoke about some of their concerns especially financial issues. Their child was about to become 12 years old. The family had spent approximately 25K pounds on their child with private lessons, group training, physical training, tournaments locally and all over the country. Should they continue this way??
Quite often 9-12 year olds are having individual lessons not only 1-1.30 hours but also several times per week. Naturally they have improved and become one of the best in their age group however saturated with information and on-court work but couldn’t progress any further.
As children have growth spurts from the ages of 12-13-14 there is a difference in their co-ordination and skills development. Coaches require patience and slowly add piece by piece to their student’s game.
Not only do they add improvements with small changes the serve, volleys, return of serve, groundstrokes, rotation, height and speed are the beginnings of their tactical game and transition may begin to impose their game on their opponents with the mid-court game and the fundamentals of their net game.
Their “new “game brings small errors although positive corrections bring inspiration and determination to advance.
There may be wins and losses however each player may have their own “vision of the future” and work for it piece by piece.

A loss may be a win for the future….
1 Recognise the small errors
2 Make corrections
3 Positive attitude…… determination, confidence, will power.
4 A Vision for the future

Winning a match is sweet, but losses needed to be managed as every loss has opportunities for players to improve their game.
1 Recognise the small errors
2 Make corrections
3 Have Positive attitude…… determination, confidence, will power.
4 Have a Vision for the future

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