I decided to write about my experience and understanding of the sport of Tennis on my website. I’m planning to publish short blog posts highlighting key fundamental aspects of the game and how they impacted me on my coaching style and player development.  I hope the players, parents and coaches may be inspired and benefit from the content.

Never be afraid to be different from others, in a good and productive way. It is important to listen to your coach and create every opportunity to play with others or against the wall in order to implement your coach’s advice and improve your game.

Bob Brett


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Since 2006 I have known Bob Brett both professionally and personally. Personally, he has given me an incredible amount of his time and support in my own coaching development, always being open to listening and helping me navigate my coaching journey. Professionally through his own high standards and tireless work he has given me an insight into what it takes to work not only with world class players, but the passion and commitment to help every player.

What separates Bob Brett camps from many others is the amount of his time he gives every player regardless of level, and the value he puts on coach development. I know Bob Brett finds it very fulfilling to see coaches improve and come away better and more confident than when they arrived. It’s a fantastic warm and friendly environment, where everyone is welcome.

During your time at Bob Brett camps, not only do you feel incredibly challenged but privileged to spend time and learn from one of the true greats in the coaching world, his mantra of “Work ethic, attention to detail and commitment” are the values that underpin everything he does, and everything he expects from the day to day training.

Ben Haran
Head Professional/Programme Manager
Reed’s School Tennis Academy (RSTA)
World School’s Champions: 2009, 2011, 2015

RSTA squad with Bob Brett at his Tennis Academy in San Remo