Our Mission

With the creation of the Bob Brett Tennis Centre, internationally respected tennis coach Bob Brett brings his experience and vision to the service of young players committed to their tennis development.

The Centre is located in San Remo, Italy, renowned for its beautiful natural setting and mild climate. With cultural attractions and international airports within close driving distance, the Centre is a vantage point from which to explore the vibrant culture and history of the Italian Riviera.

What We Do

Bob Brett Tennis is a training Centre devoted to identifying young talent and delivering comprehensive, highly personalized coaching to players committed to their tennis development.

Built on my vision the Bob Brett School of Tennis is to offer a unique support system and a secure, comfortable environment. Players shall have the opportunity to enhance their physical, technical, tactical skills they will need to achieve their goals and more.

Individual attention is so critically important to all young players. By evolving with each player, consistently and over the long term, we can make a difference and stay at the top of the game. Wellness is the foundation and peak performance is our goal; with hard work, results will follow. While good results are always rewarding, I believe that qualitative improvement is the ultimate measure of success.

Meet Bob Brett

Hello, and welcome to Bob Brett Tennis. Being actively involved in the international tennis circuit for many years, I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of working with some of the best tennis talent and aspiring individuals in the world, both female and male. Throughout my career I’ve always taken pride in being a teacher, and I’m eager to share my passion for tennis with players who are willing to challenge themselves and test their limits. In the end, it’s all about connecting with people.

My staff and I are committed to teaching you not only technique and strategy, but to helping you gain the mental and physical strength you need to develop a full range in your game and handle the responsibilities of a promising career.

Come in for a visit, I look forward to meeting you.

Bob Brett